Welcome to Evolve Yoga + Wellness!

Evolve Yoga + Wellness is a community-oriented yoga and wellness center located in the heart of St. Marys County in Southern Maryland. Evolve offers and welcomes many diverse styles of yoga as well as many mind/body and artistic modalities including Pilates, Tai Chi, Meditation, YogaDance,  Massage Therapy and Pranassage. We truly believe there is a type of yoga or movement for “every body”, regardless of age, shape or flexibility. 

In addition to group classes we offer private sessions and consultations with wonderful wellness practitioners who can schedule appointments to support your individual needs for aesthetic services, skincare and energy work. We welcome local artists and musicians to exhibit their work and share their talents as well. Our goal is to create a dynamic, welcoming community in Southern Maryland with the intention of promoting and enhancing health, wellbeing and creativity on all levels.

Evolve is also recognized as a Registered Yoga School through the Yoga Alliance offering 200 and 300 hour yoga teacher training programs.

Lift your spirits, warm your body, still your mind, ignite your soul.

Join us for a community yoga class.  Free to the public.  Donations of non-perishable food to help support the local food  pantries as well as packaged food for the animal shelters are greatly appreciated.  All levels welcome.  Please bring a mat, water bottle and towel.

Saturdays, 7:30 – 8:30 AM,  June 20, July 18, August 22. (weather permitting) Rain date September 19




The Yoga Fundamentals series is made up of 4 classes, 1 one-hour class per week for the duration of one month, with each class building upon the next. If you have never done yoga before, then this is a great place for you to start. Can you attend the series if you have practiced yoga before? Absolutely! This series is a great way to reawaken a past yoga practice! The class is open to all ages and levels of experience.What you will learn:  Important Yoga terminology, basic postures or asanas, modifications for your personal abilities, instruction on how to use yoga props and how to apply your new skills to your daily life and yoga practice.
Just $40 for this special 4 class session - June 18, 25, July 2 and 9.



Is it time to try something to new?  Time to power up your mind/body fitness?  Evolve is excited to offer to two brand new classes to the studio: Muay Thai and Beyond Barre.  What’s what?  Well here you go.

Muay Thai is for those looking for whole body conditioning including cardio, endurance and strength training. Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and is quickly gaining in popularity here in the US. Muay Thai (Thai Boxing or Kickboxing) is widely recognized as the original sport of Kickboxing, and it is known as the Art of Eight Limbs, referring to the human body’s natural weapons: 2 fists, 2 feet, 2 elbows, and 2 knees. Today, Muay Thai is recognized as one of the most efficient and effective martial arts in existence. Muay Thai is the ideal martial art for people of all walks of life, no matter what your personal goals are. Sorry guys, this class is for women only. ~~~ Offered by Kerrie Spurling, a Level 2 Registered Fighter.  Classes offered Saturday June 13, July 18 and August 15.  1:30 -2:30.  Just $30 for the series or $12 drop in.

The Beyond Barre exercise program is a cardio-infused workout that uses classical ballet barre exercises to strengthen and develop long, lean muscles. The workout incorporates upper-body sculpting, a stomach-flattening abdominal series and a fat-burning cardio for a total body workout. Balls, bands and light weights can be incorporated into a BeyondBarre workout for extra challenge and fun. Modifications for each exercise make the program appropriate and customizable for all fitness levels. ~~~Offered by Missi Campbell, certified Beyond Barre and Pilates instructor.  Classes offered Saturday June 27, August 1 and 22, 10:30 -11:30. Just $30 for the series or $12 drop in.


Summer Wellness Challenge Starting May 31

FREE TO ALL PARTICPANTS! Sign up on the board in the Lobby by JUNE 1st.  Receive 10% off ALL Evolve passes throughout June just for signing up! HOW DO I WIN?? IT’S EASY!!!  EARN and TRACK your points by attending classes, eating healthy, and even by meditating! WINNER RECEIVES 50% OFF future class pass AND [...]

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Vinyasa:Foundations of Flow-Core Power & Alignment, with Miriam Kindley, Sat., May 30, 1:00-4:00

Transform your yoga practice by learning the elements of alignment and how to access core power using the Baptiste sequence as a framework.  This is a hands on class!  We will break down postures in detail and learn effective assists that will help you gain a greater understanding of the posture in your own body [...]

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Summer Special! 4 Week HOT SUMMER SIZZLIN’ Vinyasa Class starts Wednesday June 3, 10:15-11:30

Evolve will be offering a special 4 week hot yoga series for the month of June.   Instructed by Miriam Kindley these classes feature the Baptiste Power Vinyasa sequence, “Journey Into Power”, an energetic flow that is adaptable for all levels of yoga practice. So if spring isn’t hot enough for you yet, take your yoga [...]

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Grow Your Own Lotus: Safe and Effective Hip Opening for Everyone, with Naomi Gottlieb-Miller, Sunday, June 14, 1:30 -3:30

Lotus pose is a deep hip opener that looks simple and serene. Doesn’t buddha look peaceful sitting under that tree in lotus pose? In reality, Padmasana is a tricky, advanced and deep hip opener, which requires an enormous amount of mobility in your hip joints and can be potentially dangerous for your knees. Not so [...]

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Expand Your Mind & Enliven Your Spine! Yoga for Scoliosis, with Lauri Bruce, POSTPONED

This two-day hands-on workshop series is designed for the student with scoliosis or with a lateral deviation of the spine and yoga teachers wishing to expand their knowledge about spinal structural issues. The Sutras of Patanjali tell us “tasya bhumisu viniyogah”. The appropriate application of yoga must be applied in a step-by-step manner.On day one [...]

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Foundations of Flow-Exploring the Jump Through in Vinyasa, with Liz Dornisch, Saturday, May 16, 1:30-3;30

Bring more ease and understanding into your daily practice as we break down and take a closer look at the elements of vinyasa. Through practice, demonstration, and hands-on assists you will discover proper alignment of transitions within the vinyasa, and build the strength, flexibility, and grace to float through and jump back, as utilized in [...]

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Tell a Tale – Mommy & Me Yoga, 4 week series starting April 20

A 4 week interactive class for children ages 3-5 plus adult. Playful yoga poses, animated breathing exercises and relaxation techniques teach 3, 4 and 5 year olds about their growing bodies. Sprinkled with music, games, stories, and age-appropriate props. This class facilitates motor coordination, language development, social and body awareness skills. Children gain strength, balance [...]

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