Help yourself “let go” with the gift of relaxation and peace! The restorative practice helps prepare the receiver for a deeper experience by engaging the parasympathetic nervous system, which governs the internal organs and digestive system and inhibits or slows high-energy function. By doing so, the body is already in state of relaxation and this allows the power of touch to take healing experience further. The combination of restorative yoga and massage is a potent, healing tool. Pranassage accomplishes the same thing but through the use of the healing touch. Deeper release of what is held within the corporal body can be brought out by the compression and release of muscles and gentle assisted movement. No experience necessary. All props are provided. Space is limited. Please register early online or at the front desk.

This special workshop offered by Sue Lyddon-Hayes, Shirley Carr-Williams and Cynthia Wilganowski. $40 0r save $5 and register by Oct. 8. This is a very popular workshop so please register early.

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