Evolve Membership Policies

Every business needs a few rules to help promote functionality and consistency; Evolve Yoga + Wellness is no exception. We want to make your yoga experience as easygoing and carefree as possible. With that said, please keep open communication with us if you have any questions or concerns about your membership, an experience at the studio, or anything else you would like to discuss. We will do anything in our power to accommodate you.

Class Membership Policy

Please choose your membership carefully; there are no extensions on class memberships of any type or time. Memberships are non-refundable.

Membership and Payment

Your MONTHLY membership includes regularly scheduled in-studio and/or livestream classes, dependent upon your membership selection, and begins on the date you electronically sign up. Special events, workshops and teacher training sessions are not included. Your credit card or bank account information on file will be used for the purpose of paying membership fees.

This MONTHLY membership option provides for a month-to-month membership with recurring monthly dues and fees. Your Monthly membership, unless prepaid, must be paid via a credit card, debit card or an Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization program on the effective date of this Agreement and will continue to be charged to your specified Payment Method on or around the same day of each month until this Agreement is cancelled.

Late Payments: Any unpaid balance for membership fees that is more than 30 days past due will result in cancellation of your membership.

Membership Holds

Evolve Yoga + Wellness allows you to temporarily put a hold on your membership upon a written request 30 days prior to the hold date for a fee of $15 per month. Membership holds are permitted subject to the following: (1) your membership may be put on hold for up to 3 months in any 12-month period; and (2) your membership may only be put on hold for full months not partial months. Once the hold ends, your membership will resume at the same rate, although the monthly date will change to a new date based on the dates of the membership hold.


To cancel this Agreement for any reason, you must send a written notification to info@evolveyogawellness.com. You may cancel a monthly membership at for any reason with 7 days’ notice effective as of your next scheduled payment date by sending notice of such termination prior to your next scheduled payment date. Refunds will not be given if your membership fee has already been paid.

Termination for Cause

Evolve Yoga + Wellness may terminate your membership if: you fail to make timely payments; your Payment Method is cancelled, interrupted, or discontinued for any reason and you do not provide an alternative; you fail to follow any Evolve Yoga + Wellness membership policies; or your conduct is improper or harmful to Evolve Yoga + Wellness or its clients as determined by Evolve Yoga + Wellness.

Termination Without Cause

Evolve Yoga + Wellness may terminate your membership without cause.

Updating a Membership

You may upgrade your membership at any time; changes will take effect immediately. You may downgrade your membership at any time; these changes will take effect at the next renewal date.

Membership Fees

Hold Fee: Members are subject to a $15 Hold Fee each time they place their Membership on hold.

No-Show Fee: All clients are subject to a No-Show fee each time they are absent to a class and do not cancel ahead of time. Drop-in clients, 5 and 10 class members will be deducted one pass from their account; and All Access Members will be assessed a $10 fee for each absence.

Private Session Cancellations

Private Sessions are paid for upon scheduling and are non-refundable. Upon cancelling a private session, you have 30 days to reschedule. After 30 days you will forfeit the session.


By electronically signing or otherwise electronically accepting and agreeing to this Agreement on your own behalf or as the parent or legal guardian of a minor, you are certifying that you are at least 18 years old and that you have carefully reviewed, fully understand and agree to all provisions of this Agreement. You further understand and agree that you are responsible for all payments described herein.