Student Etiquette + Studio Policies

Tips for a Happy Practice

  • Begin your practice before you arrive!  Notice your breath, set your intentions.  If you are running late this helps prepare the mind for your yoga experience.
  • Try to arrive early.  Give yourself time for stretching, meditation, and a finding a good spot on the floor! Respect your fellow yogis and teacher by entering quietly.
  • Please leave your cell phones and any other electronic devices that make noise in the car or turned off (and turn vibrate off as well.)
  • Remove your shoes upon entering the reception area just as you would if you were entering a temple in India. In addition to respecting our sacred space this helps keep our floors clean and protected.
  • Please no perfumes, oils or body scents. Many people are sensitive or allergic to smells.  We want to everyone to have the freedom to breath fully and with enjoyment.
  • Practice on an empty tummy or have a light snack 1-2 hrs before class.
  • Please practice good hygiene and dress modestly.
  • Please bring your own mat. We have rentals but having your own mat is more sanitary and sacred. If you rent a mat please clean it before you go. Also write your name on your own mat in case it is left behind.
  • Speak in hushed tones before and after class. Many people meditate in the time before class. Honor and respect their practice.
  • Savasana/relaxation is important. If you must leave class early position yourself near the door and take 5-10 minutes before you leave to lie quietly. Please leave quietly before everyone else is in relaxation.
  • Practice with an open heart and an open mind, allowing  yourself to participate fully in this time you have set aside for your self-care.
  • Honor who you are and all that you are, a magnificent multi-dimensional being.  Namaste.