Chip Guffey has donated a meditative musical offering to Evolve.

Please take a listen…
Chip Guffey – Resonance Project – Heart Mantra, Many Voices
Heart Mantra, Many Voices – Resonance Project by Chip Guffey

Description: The Bon Po Buddhist Heart Mantra sung using Nha Dahr and Gyer Yhang Overtone chanting techniques. The Heart Mantra is a beautiful and ancient prayer dedicated to the benefit of all sentient beings, past, present, and future. This offering is designed to be used as a foundational vehicle of sound resonance to support your personal meditation practice.

Dedication: This music was created as a gift for Evolve Yoga and Wellness by the Synthesis Center of Saint Mary’s Resonance Project, an effort dedicated to bringing forward holistic and supportive health and education learning opportunities through the science of sacred sound.

For more information regarding the Bon Po Buddhist Heart Mantras, visit the helpful Chamma Ling website.

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