Get ready for Spring 2015 inside and out with a rejuvenating body and mind cleanse. Evolve’s Spring Wellness Cleanse combines 5 weeks of unlimited yoga with a safe and guided detoxification program designed to energize, restore and promote weight loss. For some, the results can be life changing. This program teaches the basic fundamentals for prevention and self-healing, through nutrition and a restful, mindful cleanse.

Stress, environmental factors, and our diets are the controllable factors that tax our bodies the most. During these 5 weeks we’ll be relieving stress through yoga and meditation, ridding our environment of harmful chemicals, and modifying our diets to reduce the amounts of toxins we consume through alcohol, gluten, sugar, caffeine, and animal products.  

Weekly Breakdown

Week 1 (3/22-28): Prep Week-Meal Planning, recipe sharing, and eating as vegetarian as possible. Removing unnecessary chemicals and products from your personal environment.  

Week 2 (3/29-4/4): Whole Food Plant-Based – Eating a diet of vegetables, whole non-wheat centric grains, fruits, nuts, and tubers. If this is your first time eating plant-based, try to stick with it for the entire cleanse.  

Week 3 (4/5-11): Raw Week – Eating uncooked fruits and vegetable based meals. This allows for a higher level of nutrient consumption as most foods start to loose nutrients when heated above 115 degrees. This is Stage 2 of the Cleanse. It is available to those who are comfortable eating plant-based and would like to try a Raw Diet.    

Week 4 (4/12-18): Liquid Raw – By week 3, you are starting to feel the effects of this Cleanse. Your skin is brighter, pants are looser, and your energy levels are through the roof! If you have completed most of Raw Week, you will want to try Liquid Raw, where we’ll be eating lots of healthy soups and smoothies! This allows the digestive system a chance to rest, restore, and fully illuminate built up toxins.  

Week 5 (4/19- and beyond): Processing Week- Congratulations you’ve completed the Cleanse! We’ll be sharing our experiences, pot-lucking our favorite recipes, and seeing what healthy habits are sticking for life as we transition into our optimal wellness diet.  

The Spring Wellness Cleanse includes: An unlimited class pass for 5 weeks, 5 Wellness Meetings with meditation and light yoga, 10 Pure Trim Wellness Shakes, and a Pot-Luck Party at the last Wellness Meeting.  

Wellness Meetings Sundays, March 22nd – April 19th from 4:00 -5:00 

Cost: $200 per person ~ Early Birds Sign up before March 15 and save 10% 

Please contact Jenn Brown for more information at or (443)771-3425 

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