Join guest teacher Shayna Hiller as she discusses the importance of eating whole foods in terms of overcoming chronic health conditions, ranging from fatigue, allergies, skin issues, weight issues, sleep disorders, and more. Known as the ‘queen of green’, she will give you the secret information on green leafy veggies and how incredibly necessary they are in your daily diet… Salads beware!

Shayna will be offering simple, convenient, and delicious recipes incorporating green leafy veggies. As well she will also uncover the ‘myths’ of foods that are labeled as ‘healthy’. You will learn how to read and decipher ingredient labels in order to make better choices when buying packaged foods. Another myth she will discuss in great detail is the myth that all fat is bad! You will learn how important and amazing certain fats are in terms of regulating your body’s equilibrium, as well as maintaining proper cognitive function. Shayna will also speak about Primary Foods, which is the fundamental aspect of her professional training.

What ‘feeds’ us is not limited to food alone. Healthy relationships, a spiritual practice, a fulfilling career, and consistent physical activity all nourish us, and when one piece of this is out of balance, it may create adverse health effects in other areas. Shayna speaks from experience as well as research in order to provide a dynamic, easy to understand, and perhaps life-altering lecture. Handouts and booklets will be provided which can be used as handy tools for the future and to continue sharing health with their loved ones.  Pre-registration required.  $25

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