December 7, 2022: Rise + Evolve: Full Moon Magic

December 2, 2022

Rise + Evolve: Full Moon Magic

Wednesday, December 7, 2022 from 6 to 7 p.m. with Emily Kuchta

Join us for a spiritual reset every month at Evolve Yoga + Wellness! This class will fall on, or around the full moon. Bring your mat, a journal & pen, your personal oracle or tarot deck, crystals and anything else you’d like to use for this flow! Jar and water for some intentional yoga-powered moon water, and power your crystals, anyone? 

The full moon is all about releasing, letting go, going inwards. Expect meditation, introspective questions inspired by our tarot readings, channeling major arcana cards in our asana poses, and tapping into our intuition: building a connection with our gut-feeling, the “all-knowing” spirit.

We’ll begin by pulling a reading for the group (and if you bring your own deck, a personal one for you!), followed by an all-levels vinyasa flow inspired by our reading to help guide us. Develop your third-eye connection with breathwork, intention setting affirmations, creating a somatic experience each of us will feel differently as we flow through our asana practice. After our flow, we’ll settle into yin and restorative postures to guide ourselves back to our inner voice by guided meditation, sound bath healing, chanting, and mantras.

This gathering is all about releasing what no longer serves us, connecting us with our neighbors, sharing our readings (if comfortable!) and experience with each other. Deepen your internal compass, intuition, and open your mind up to clarity, yourself to opportunity, and balance your chi.

We’ll learn about tarot and oracle cards, understand yogic principles and how to apply them to our journey, and deepen our relationship with the Self.

Let your soul guide you by the power of the moon.