100-Hour Inner Quest of the Yoga Educator® Training

Develop Skills as a YogaGuide®

In the Inner Quest of the Yoga Educator, you will develop the capability to offer your students and clients one-on-one sessions that explore the experiences that arise as they begin to apply their yoga to their lives off-the-mat. This important aspect of being a well-rounded yoga educator requires developing skillfulness in your role as a YogaGuide®

People often begin their yoga journey to improve their health, productivity and wellbeing. As a yoga practice evolves however, practitioners become conscious of the dysfunctional patterns, issues and limitations that are hidden in deeper layers of themselves. As a yoga educator it becomes essential to have skills that address these deeper issues of life’s experience.

As a YogaGuide®, you can assist your students by giving them a place to explore the issues that surface as a result of their practice. The outcome of a yoga guide session is that your client will have practical options for making new choices in their daily life, options that arise through deeper contact with the wisdom of their own experience.

Throughout this training, in daily workshops, demonstrations, small group exercises and practice sessions, you will:
• Develop skillfulness in your ability to listen and communicate
• Learn how to ask questions that facilitate deeper levels of self-ownership
• Reveal the ability to listen for what’s not being said
• Establish an understanding of the YogaGuide® role and how it differs from that of counseling, coaching or therapy
• Increase your repertoire of yoga practices that are appropriate for addressing trauma, stress, anxiety, and self-empowerment including journaling, meditation, asana and pranayama
• Learn how to work with your clients and students to develop practices that reinforce the implementation of positive changes in their lives
• Learn to apply the “Cycle of Transformation through Awareness” as a tool for clarifying the story of the learning process
• Make room for the confusion that arises in any new learning situation, and embrace the promise of opportunity and change
• Acquire new skills that can improve the quality of your relationships
• This training provides opportunities to refine your listening skills and the ability to respond to others without simply giving advice. The practice of effective communication can enhance your personal relationships as well as your relationships with your students and clients.
• Learn how to listen with non-judgmental awareness and to Say Back what you hear your students and loved ones saying
• Stimulate self-discovery and the ability to hear the answers that arise from within oneself
• Ask questions that encourage responses from deep within the intelligence of the body/mind

The Inner Quest begins with You

This training takes place in a supportive environment, within a community of other dedicated yoga educators. Through the creation of safe space, you are encouraged to explore your own inner world of meaning and purpose. Growing into the role of YogaGuide® requires us to return to the primal inquiry that yoga addresses: “Who Am I?”
Taking responsibility for our authentic selves leads to accepting our humanity. When we accept ourselves as we are, we are able to authentically accept our students as they are.

For more information about the Inner Quest of the Yoga Educator program, visit: http://www.selfawakeningyoga.com/inner-quest-of-the-yoga-educator