100 Hour Yoga Anatomy with Soul & Tools of Gold Training

Part 1 – 50 Hour Yoga Anatomy with Soul

We will explore anatomy as it relates to yoga postures. You’ll begin to identify how a movement in one part of the body affects a different part of the body (relationships!). You’ll walk away with a better understanding of how to support and make space for a variety of joints in a variety of bodies. You’ll be able to recognize patterns that will make it easier to build to peak poses and balance out every class.

Sarah Tacy Tangredi’s passion is around emotional anatomy so you can be sure that that when you’re done, you will know more than the names of muscles and bones, you’ll understand how they relate to the psyche and soul.

We will cover:

• The Language of Anatomy- Directions and Positions
• Planes of Motion- How they relate to sequencing and emotions
• Bones– Names, and what their shape can tell you about their function.
• Joints– How each joint is different in each person and how to adjust and individualize. How to create space and support for our joints.
• Fascia– The tissue that connects everything, supports all of our systems, acts a communication center, and disperses force throughout the body. How do we take care of it and how does it care for us?
• Muscles– What are the muscles that are most often referenced in yoga? Learn where they are and what they do!
• Types of Contractions– Understanding the various ways muscles contract helps us to understand how to stretch or strengthen each muscle.
• Relationships between parts of the body.
• Special focus on- the back, pelvic floor, and feet.
• Breath: We’ll deep dive into the science, philosophy and experience of breath. It’s our fastes way to prepare for movement, stay focused, and recover. It’s our easiest way to choose what state we inhabit.
• The Nervous System: How does stress show up in the body and what yoga poses can we use to balance out overwhelm or underwhelm? We’ll explore emotional and physical habits and how can we release them with greater ease. We’ll also look at how we can utilize the nervous system to up-regulate our reactions and balance as well as get into stretches with more ease and safety.
• Emotional Anatomy: How does our posture affect our emotions, how we relate to the world, and our ability to heal. We’ll review current literature, ancient philosophies of the chakras, and first person experience. We will apply this information to sequencing.
• Working one-on-one: Here we’ll go over mind-set, listening skills, creating space and support in a variety of bodies, and reviewing posture as it relates to yoga, sitting, walking, and standing.

Part 2 – 50 Hour Tools of Gold

Did you know 100 million adults in the US experience chronic pain? Be the go-to teacher with the tools to help people unleash their potential of living a healthy, vibrant and inspired life. Increase your client list while changing lives.

This program will take you deeper into the objective, scientific aspects of the body, as well as exploring the subjective, experiential elements of the soul. This is consider a “multi-dimensional” approach to transformational body work.

Part One

In Part One of the program, participants will work on the following:
• Emotional anatomy
• Alignment and adjustments
• Neuromuscular holding patterns and how to reset them
• Reflective listening
(See Tools of Gold video for details on the above!)

Part Two

In Part two we will start by sharing “aha moments,” what has been working, and what questions you now have after applying your work over the last month. We will dive deeper into each of the four main sections by looking at more complex cases (neurologically, emotionally, structurally, and spiritually). This section will include deeper hands-on adjustments, attention-based healing modalities, and a dynamic conversation on the business of increasing your private-yoga clientele.

It is recommended that you have some anatomy knowledge for part two as some of the adjustments and techniques assume a general understanding of muscle fiber direction.  

This 50-hour training is an advanced training for yoga teachers. It pairs perfectly with Yoga Anatomy with Soul to form a complete 100-hrs of training in Multidimensional Anatomy. It is recommended but not required to take this program in conjunction with the 50-hr Yoga Anatomy with Soul to complete a full 100-hrs of training.

The fifth and final weekend will be for participants working toward their 100 hour certificate. This weekend will have review, practice teach, professional practice, integration, and graduation!

Completion of the second part is required to obtain a 100-hour Advanced Teacher Training certificate, applicable towards your 300 or 500-hour certification at Evolve Yoga + Wellness.