February 17, 2022

Our prerecorded classes offer our clients greater flexibility when it comes to their yoga and meditation practices. The ability to download and save our recorded classes means you can take class whenever it is convenient for you! Think of the scheduled start time not as when you have to take class, but as the time when you will receive the email to view/download the prerecorded class.

The price of classes will remain the same. All prerecorded classes will be through Zoom, which means you won’t have to learn a new process!

How will prerecorded classes work?

Much the same as a live virtual class. Register prior to the start of class and you will receive an email from one of our studio managers. This email contains the link you will need in order to access the recording. It will redirect you to the Zoom website where you will be able to view the video right away or download and save it for later. Once downloaded, the video is yours to keep forever! The link to view/download will expire 7 days after it is sent.

How do I sign up for a prerecorded class?

Just as you would for a live virtual class! Register for any class via our website or the Mindbody app on your mobile device.

How will I know if a class is live or prerecorded?

When looking at our Mindbody schedule, you’ll notice that all classes are labeled either “LIVESTREAM” or “PRERECORDED” (i.e.¬†LIVESTREAM Yoga Basics vs. PRERECORDED Vinyasa Flow). If the class is designated as LIVESTREAM, that means it will begin at its scheduled time. With live classes, you will receive an email with instructions to join the class on Zoom within 30 minutes of class starting. To learn more about taking live virtual classes with us, click here.

If the class is designated as PRERECORDED, that means you will receive an email at its scheduled start time with a link to view/download the class and take on your own time.

Are all classes going to be prerecorded?

No! We will still have several live options throughout the week. We enjoy the interaction with our clients and would like to maintain that as much as possible! In addition to our live virtual classes, we will continue to offer small group outdoor classes around St. Mary’s and Calvert counties. Those classes are designated as “POP UP” classes on our schedule.

If you have any other questions about taking live or prerecorded virtual classes, please don’t hesitate to reach out! You can submit your questions via our contact form on the website or send us a message on Facebook.