Reiki Level One Workshop

Reiki: The Usui System of Natural Healing Level 1 Workshop

Taught by Rebecca (Beckie) Ridgell, DM, RN, RMT and Chip Guffey RMT
Saturday and Sunday, May 4th and 5th, 2019  9:30am-4:00pm Solomons Island, Maryland

    Reiki (pronounced ray-key), connects the Universal Life Energy with the body’s innate ability to heal itself.  It is a non-invasive way to balance the body’s energy systems while creating and maintaining health and harmony.  A tool for healing, Reiki can be used effectively with other medical treatments and healing modalities.

     Universal Life Energy-called chi, ki, prana, by other cultures- is an energy that surrounds all living forms. This energy is accessed through a Reiki attunement process and once activated the energy can then be used. By placing ones hands on a person the energy begins to flow. It is not directed, it guides itself; and since it flows through you, you receive a treatment while giving one.

     In this class, you will learn an invaluable tool for attending to your own health maintenance, self-renewal, and personal growth. You will learn to scan the body for areas of reduced energy flow, learn techniques for self-healing, and learn to deliver Reiki to others. You will become aware of how attitudes can create disease and the relationship between the mind and healing. You will learn to prepare and create an appropriate area for healing. You will also learn of Dr.Mikao Usui, who rediscovered this Tibetan healing technique in the 1800’s.

     Rebecca (Beckie) is a Reiki Master Teacher. She is a Registered Nurse who has used Reiki extensively in the hospital setting. Chip Guffey is a Reiki Master Teacher and teaches various modalities of Meditation. Chip and Beckie have worked together for over 20yrs bringing Reiki to the community.

** Bring Lunch for this two-day format.  Wear loose comfortable clothing.**

Directions: From Prince Frederick, Route 4 south to Solomons Island. After going under the bridge, make a left on Truman Road. Make a right on Holiday Drive. We are the white 2 story on the left. Enter the center door, take elevator to 2nd floor. Immediately turn right into Suite C. If  coming from St. Mary’s county, make the first right over bridge and follow above directions.

To Register: send check for $250.00 payable to Rebecca C. Ridgell, to:

Rebecca C. Ridgell
c/o Southern Maryland Myofascial Release, Inc.
90 Holiday Drive  Suite C&D
P.O. BOX 273
Solomons,MD 20688

Please include your name, address and phone number with your payment.

For questions, please call Beckie Ridgell @ 410-610-7607.