Children’s Yoga

Children deal with many obstacles throughout their days that can make them feel stressed, distracted and even anxious. A yoga class, presented in a way that is tailored specifically to children of a certain age group, can help counter the daily stresses our little ones encounter day-to-day. Yoga at en early age promotes self-esteem and body awareness with a physical activity that is non-competitive (unlike soccer or football), which fosters compassion and cooperation. Beyond that, yoga has many physical benefits for our children as well, including (but not limited to): enhanced flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness. Additionally, their concentration is increased; and they start to feel more calm and relaxed. Yoga can help children express and hold on to that beautiful inner light that we so often see fade as adulthood grows closer.

Evolve currently offers Kids Yoga + Crafts every Friday evening at 5 p.m. for children ages 4-8 years. (Psst, parents! We also offer a 5 p.m. Warm All Levels Yoga class at our studio for you!)